Training and Mobility Solutions SA offers specialized courses starting at basic crash investigation and culminating in various other courses.

Course Introduction:

How is a traffic crash investigated and what is to be expected from these investigations?

These burning issues are presented during a 3 day workshop and this training includes a comprehensive training and reference colour manual to each participant. Some of the aspects that are covered during the training are, the Legal requirements relating to accidents, National Road Traffic Act, Information from road, Information from vehicles , Information from people, Photography, Measuring and drawing of the scene, Technical follow up, Reconstruction, Cause analysis, Using or consulting with independent experts and specialists.

Course Outcomes:

  • What is a traffic Accident, Collision or a Crash?
  • Types of accidents (Categories)
  • Legal requirements relating to accidents
  • National Road Traffic Act
  • Equipment (Scene investigation)
  • The scene of crash
  • Information from road, vehicles and people
  • Photography
  • Measuring and drawing of the scene
  • Understanding Technical and Reconstruction
  • Investigative and case aids
  • Using or consulting with independent experts and specialist
  • Report writing and Reference material

Who Should Attend:

Law officials, Lost adjusters, investigators and all others responsible for crash investigation and/or fleet managers that need to brush up on mathematics concepts will find this course valuable.

Course Duration

5 days

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