Training and Mobility Solutions SA offers specialized courses starting at basic crash investigation and culminating in various other courses.

Course Introduction:

Incidents are a major source of both highway congestion and safety problems. Incidents are estimated to cause approximately half of all traffic delay. For these reasons, the establishment and use of good Road Incident Management (RIM). Effective transportation system management and operations depends on the aggressive management of temporary disruptions (caused by traffic incidents, work zones, weather, special events, etc.) in order to reduce the consequences of these disruptions and return the system to “full capacity.”

The Road Incident Management System (RIMS) is the systematic tool for the command, control, and coordination of an emergency response. RIMS allows agencies to work together using common terminology and operating procedures for controlling personnel, facilities, equipment, and communications at an incident scene.

The purpose of this course is to describe the procedures and arrangements for the effective coordination of Emergency Services joint efforts. The procedures adopted by each of the Emergency Services in response to an incident are understandably devoted to the role of the service concerned. In this way the overall response of the Emergency Services is coordinated through RIMS and will be greater than the sum of their individual efforts, to the benefit of all

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for any official who has to respond to an incident or accident. It gives the official the full understanding of RIMS and the roles and responsibilities they have.

Course Duration

1 days

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