Training and Mobility Solutions SA offers specialized courses starting at basic crash investigation and culminating in various other courses.

Course Introduction:

This course will give delegates an opportunity to acquire the competencies relevant to the regulatory framework for traffic law enforcement officials. A large amount of the traffic officer’s functions and duties are legally driven.
The traffic officer’s activities are governed by relevant sections from a number of different Acts. This standard will provide the overarching understanding of legislation that is not directly traffic related but without which a traffic official will not be able to conduct law enforcement.

Course Outcomes:

  • Have a broad understanding of Chapter 2 of the Constitution.
  • Various sections of the Criminal Procedure Act that impact on traffic law enforcement.
  • What is the role and importance of the Law of Evidence within the justice system?
  • Understanding of the relevant aspects of criminal law.
  • The presenting and giving of evidence in a court of law

Who Should Attend:

Law officials ,investigators and all responsible using the road act

Course Duration

3 days

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