Training and Mobility Solutions SA offers specialized courses starting at basic crash investigation and culminating in various other courses.

Course Introduction:

This course deals with the basics of setting up and using a monitoring and evaluation system for a project or an organisation.  It will also demonstrate how the external environment, the levels of an organisation, the team and the components of an individual are interrelated in a dynamic and systemic way.

The success of an individual depends on his/her awareness, knowledge and the ability to manage successfully these interdependent forces, stakeholders and processes.

Course Outcomes:

  • Understanding and defining measurable objectives
  • Developing a structure set of indicators and their impact on beneficiaries.
  • Collecting data for comparison with indicators
  • Reporting of progress

Who Should Attend:

Any person who wishes to understanding the process of monitoring and evaluations and to ensure that the company goals have been achieved.

Course Duration

2 days

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